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d-59-10 important details
earliest possible release of ether
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The DAO Attack

Since the DAO attack on 17 June 2016, there have been many discussions and debates on proposed solutions such as softfork, hardfork, counter-attacks and so on. Eventually, a hardfork was performed, which resulted in two separate blockchains. The unforked (classic) chain is still running in which ether could still be removed from the DAO.

Possible Events

A DAO token holder can create a proposal to transfer ether which has a 2 weeks voting period. To prevent the transfer, a token holder either needs to vote against the proposal with more tokens or create a split DAO proposal to drain the ether into another DAO. The split proposal has a 1 week voting period.


The table above outlines the main amounts of ether that still remains in DAO contracts, the 2 potential outcomes for those ether and the time remaining before each contract can be executed.